Nails for Businesswoman

The possibilities when it comes to decorating, the final length of the nail and its shape (classical or pointy) are endless. It all depends on the circumstances and the customers' demands. Unfortunately, not every woman can afford to go a little crazy when it comes to styling. It's usually due to the type of work they do. It's quite obvious the nails of a woman working in a bank will look quite differently to the ones of a nail stylist. It doesn't have to mean that such women can only go as far as wearing short, manicured nails. A professional nail stylist will find a way – she will offer a proper treatment (acrylic or gel) and will decorate the nails in an appropriate way, depending on the client's individual needs. 

One optimal solution that has been extremely popular for many years, especially with businesswomen, is French manicure. It's a great way to keep your nails looking stylish without going for sophisticated styling. French manicure goes well with any type of clothes, hairstyles or occasions; it's appropriate for business meetings as it compliments the rest of the outfit. Proper service, the shape of the smile line and the nail (so called 'tunnel'), the curved 'C' line as well the length are all crucial here. In short, French manicures are suitable for any job type, they don't attract the unnecessary attention and are classy, just like a subtle necklace or a silky shawl.

Obviously, French manicures are not the only way to go. Some colourful acrylic decorations, such as small flowers or tears, will certainly create a nice look. For women who can go a little crazy, like those whose length of the nails, their colour, shape or style won't stand in the way of their everyday duties, I would recommend the acrylic method involving various colours, shapes or even small objects that can be dipped in resin??? Just like with French manicures, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to decorating and styling the nails.

It's important not to go over the top when it comes to styling. One should bear in mind the kind of work done by the client and all other factors affecting the final appearance of the nails. Experienced stylists bring endless possibilities into play, as well as their knowledge, experience and a wide range of decorating methods. It's crucial for a stylist to be an artist with great imagination at the same time; they should know how to properly mix colours, listen to what clients expect from them and, most importantly, be able to adjust the shape of the nail, the length and various decorations according to the customers' needs.