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Who We Are?

Event Nails Design

The expansion of the market of the services and the products for nail care,  nail extension and stylization has been very dynamic. For this reason, the women are taking more and more brave steps in the nail stylization (nail art).

They enhance the nails with a few rhinestones, or by putting a colourful gel, or, finally, by applying the acrylic floral patterns. The colourful nails are chosen by the women who know what they want, and in such a way can express their personality and character, e.g.

  • red is associated – with lust,
  • white-pearl – with innocence, 
  • light blue –with lightness and water, 
  • black – with darkness … 

This the power and beauty of the nail enhancements – they have an unbelievable potential. They are often very laborious as each detail of the enhancement is very important. Still, the result is outstanding.

The miniature paintings on a nail, done by a crafty hand with a lot of patience, experience and attention to the detail, can enchant even a biggest sceptic of a nail stylization.

The nail enhancements are offered to the women with the imagination, who are not afraid of trying new things, and can appreciate all the delightful details of the stylization.

I invite you to view my photo gallery. You can choose a few patterns that later I can apply onto your nails in my salon. If you have any ideas on your own and want to try them, I would be really happy to do so.

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