Dealing with the problematic nails

Dealing with the problematic nails – with the spoon nails, the nails with greasy nail plate and the bitten nails. The care and extending techniques.

How to deal with the bitten nails to make them look nice again?

The bitten nails look especially unattractive and are a problem both for their owner and a nail technician, a manicurist. The bitten nails have a short nail plate and very often wide, thick cuticles. In such a case you should first take care of these – do a regular manicure along with removing the cuticles. If we want to extend the bitten nails, it is important to do 2-3 full manicure treatments. Just after that, a few days after the last manicure treatment, we can have the nail extensions done.

How to do nail extensions on the bitten nails?

The well-advisable method to extend nails is with the inverted moulds. If a nail plate is too short or damaged to put on a form, then we need to extend the nail plate artificially by using ‘the suspensions’. If there is a chance of using an artificial nail, it is good to file its pockets to make them the shortest possible. Unfortunately, in this case, the visits to a nail technician will be more often than every 3 weeks, and the problems with the artificial nails falling off will happen more frequently as well (especially when a client keeps biting the nails). After some time, when the nails grow a little bit, the fillings will be done every 3 weeks, and the incidents with the falling off nails will not happen. 

How to deal with the problematic nails – the nails with greasy nail plate?

The nails with greasy nail plate are always shiny, which results from the excessive natural oil’s production by the glands. People with such a problem usually have also a problem with greasy skin or acne – although it is not a rule. The nail polish on such nails does not last for long. It starts to crack after a few days and comes off. In the case of extending the nails, the air very often gets in the gel or acrylic nails, especially near the nail fold. In the result, the artificial nails fall off completely.

In the case of the nails with greasy nail plate it is very important to clean them thoroughly and to degrease the nails couple of times (using a new cotton ball each time, and each time waiting until the nail plate dies off). It is also worth to do the fillings more often than usually. There is a chance to remove just a small bit of the product, which is starting to fall off and replace it with a new one to prolong the nail’s vitality.

How to deal with the problematic nails – the spoon nails? 

The problem of spoon nails usually appears on one, two nails, rarely on the whole palm. The problem is that it is impossible to apply an artificial nail on such a nail. The solution might be filing an artificial nail’s pocket when the nail is spooned only near the nail fold. The other way is to do the filling with fibreglass or extending the nails with the moulds.