Hands are a very important feature of a woman’s beauty. This is why we should take a really good care of them. Especially for our clients, we have prepared a vast offer of different care treatments both for the hands and the nails, including a nail stylization and enhancement. Sensitive, velvet skin and a nice shape of a nail let our clients feel really beautiful.

Biological or Traditional Manicure

This is a professional care treatment for your hands and nails. We use a set of professional cosmetics depending on the skin type. It helps to soften the epidermis, to nourish the nails, to make the cuticles more flexible. After the treatment the hands and nails are sure to get a beautiful and healthy look back. We also offer a special, nourishing mask for your hands and nails, as well as a professional massage. The ladies, who are interested, can also have their nails painted, or even enhanced with some rhinestones or with some interesting design.

Nail stylization

To the ladies, who additionally want to enhance their natural nail, we offer a gel application onto their natural nail plate. It helps to strengthen the natural nail for many weeks, and the nail polish stays on these far longer than usually. If a natural nail seems too short to a client, we offer a natural nail lengthening with a gel and doing a French Manicure on it, or some other stylization.


Well-cared feet are the base for your well-being, and also are an element of the beauty. This is the reason why we should pamper them and regularly do a professional pedicure. For the truly demanding clients, we have a professional pedicure armchair in our salon. Not only does it let you feel comfortable, but it also massages your back, and the basin is equipped with the light therapy system for tired and sore feet.

SPA and Healing Pedicure

This is a care treatment for your feet and toenails. The pedicure treatment involves removing of a callous epidermis with a nail file drill, shortening and polishing of the natural toenails, pushing the cuticles and rubbing the cream in. We can also offer painting the nails either applying a French manicure or a regular nail polish. On top of that, we can also enhance the nails with the rhinestones. Applying the gel onto the nails is done once per month or per two months. The effect is permanent and painting them during this period is not necessary.