Workshop - Stiletto & perfect smile

Advanced Sculptured nails

The sculpturing technique - foundation for every elegant nail. With this workshop you will refine and perfect your technique.

Requirements for the participation of this workshop are basic experience in sculptured nails and 1 year practical experience.

The Stiletto – no other nail shape has caused as much commotion in the last 2 years.

Thanks to this elegant nail form, a woman’s hand has become more elegant and more charming. Sculpturing is required for the perfect stiletto nail. Especially this requires the best in all systems. In this workshop nail designers can perfect their sculptured nails. In the practical part you will also learn the different nail shapes and smile lines. Regardless if it is a stiletto with a v-shaped smile line or a business form with an asymmetric smile line, after this workshop there are no more taboos or limits! This day requires a model.

The seminar fee contains: