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Unit 4b,
Level One Bulding
Losbian Business Park
Tuam Rd, Galway

 086 219 40 48
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Tuesday - Saturday

10am - 8:00pm

Sunday - Monday


Who We Are?

Michelle Ruan

I have been coming to Margeret at Lady's Nails for one year.she was recommended to me by a friend.Prior to beoming a client of Margeret I went to a salon outside the city to have my first set of gel nails applied. The experience was a diaster, the nails were grossly uneven and they just looked awful, nothing like what I wanted. I was very upset and came to Margeret , who came to my rescue with her unique methods and amazing talent. she removed the unslighly set of nails and apllied a new set.

The results were amazing, i finally had the nails i had dreamed off. the experience with Margeret managed to expel first unfortunate encounter from my mind, i have never looked back.i work in a very physiacally demanding job so my nails are subjected to a barage of stesses and stains throughout the day yet my nails withstand these exceptionally well.

So if you think having beautiful nails are confined to those ladies who work in offices or shops think again. I hold no reservation in reccommending Margerets service.


Michelle Ruan

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